Corporate & Promotional Bags

Do you have an event or product that you would like to promote or showcase? Then our promotional bags are for you. Paper laminated, luxury bags made to your own style and requirements can add that touch of class, that shows you are serious about your business.

We have been helping to promote Sony, Per Una and other big name brands through our products for many years now. Our factory and design department being located in Kent, south of England, we have an enviable reputation for quality and delivery.

With links to the British Promotional Members Association you can have the guarantee that our product is manufactured by us in this country. If you would like some ideas on marketing products to fill your promotional bags then give us a call on + 44 (0) 1580 753322 as we are here to help.

Promotional Carrier Bags

Usually manufactured for the exhibition market, there are a whole range of uses outside of this area such as product launches, special events and corporate outings. With a chance to promote your company name, its a marketing opportunity that is frequently overlooked.

We would like to offer some words of wisdom on the exhibition promotional carrier bag, in our experience, people walk through exhibitions going from one stand to the other, tucking all of their give aways inside the biggest bag.

So, if your bag is the biggest, everything else will go inside and your message is the loudest. Simple when you think about it. With over 200 bag sizes, we should have something to suit your requirement, and if not, we are happy to create a size especially for your bag.

Corporate Bags

The corporate bag is a unique way to sell your product or company and can deliver a punchy message that people are prepared to read, as a perceived high value item, it is hard to throw away without having read the message, or indeed, re-used the bag.

A great time of year to enter the spirit, we enjoy making wine bottle carriers for the christmas wine bottle give aways, that companies usually enter into. Even making each bag individual to your special customers presents no problem to our factory, with variable data machines we are able to print each bag and provide a value statement about the importance of your customer.

Corporate bags are our business, its something we are passionate about. All of our products are quality controlled through manufacturing and we pride ourselves on listening to you and delivering a first class product, on time and in budget.

Enquiry about Bags? Then why not call us on +44(0) 1580 753322

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