Twisted Handle Paper Bags

These bags are perceived as being environmentally friendly, and are a cheaper alternative to Paper laminated bags. Because of the printing process, four colour process printing can be done but needs a run of 10000 plus, to work out economically with the cost of stereos and cost of printing. Furthermore, with stereos being charged on a mm2 area basis, we tend to recommend against solid colour bags or large areas of ink coverage. Clearly these can be done, but considering the bag as a cheaper alternative, it makes sense to move towards one or two colours with up to 50% coverage on face of bag. For quoting purposes, we also need to know whether your image is to be one or two sides.

220 x 100 x 350mm
260 x 130 x 350mm**
320 x 130 x 450mm**
360 x 130 x 419mm

*** These sizes are the most common and have been specifically sized to allow quick changes between each keeping our delivery schedules to a minimum.

Twisted Handle Bag Examples

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